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Blue Monday – Is this really a thing?

The notion of “Blue Monday,” denoting the purportedly most depressing day of the year, has captivated the public imagination since its emergence in 2005. Attributed to a formula developed by psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall3 and disseminated through a press release by the British travel company Sky Travel, the concept has intrigued skeptics and proponents alike. The formula integrates… Read More »

Mobile Phone Addiction and FOMO: A Comprehensive Analysis

The pervasive influence of smartphones in modern society has raised concerns about the potential for smartphone addiction, often associated with the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). This academic examination aims to explore the concept of smartphone addiction, its associated symptoms, and the possible linkages to psychological disorders, focusing on anxiety. While establishing a direct causal relationship between smartphone… Read More »

Resolution: Level Four Autonomous Cars Should be Legalized in the United States.

Abstract This paper advocates for the legalization of level four autonomous cars in the United States by analyzing the numerous benefits this technology offers. Through an examination of safety benefits, economic implications, road-use efficiencies, and environmental impact, it becomes evident that level four autonomous vehicles have the potential to enhance vehicular safety, reduce economic costs associated with accidents,… Read More »

Integration or Segregation: An analysis of the effectiveness of Canada’s official policy of multiculturalism.

In principle, federal support for distinct ethnic groups to retain their cultural identities while benefitting from full societal participation is generally supported. The official policy of multiculturalism promotes the full and equitable participation of individuals and communities of all origins, assists in the elimination of any barrier to that participation and ensures that all individuals receive equal treatment… Read More »