Demystifying Generative AI: An Introduction

What is it? Imagine you could feed a computer a description of a never-before-seen animal and have it generate a realistic image of what it might look like. That’s the power of generative AI, a type of artificial intelligence that creates new content like like images, music, text, code, and even scientific data based on what it has… Read More »

Parsing M3U Playlists in Python with the m3u-ipytv Library

M3U playlists are a popular format for storing multimedia playlists, and they are widely used for organizing TV channels, radio stations, and video content. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to work with M3U playlists in Python using the m3u-ipytv library. We’ll cover the process of creating a Python script that can parse an M3U playlist file… Read More »

Convert Images to PDF Using Python and the img2pdf Library

I recently worked on an ETL project where I had to refer to screenshots from the legacy application quite often. I had a folder full of screenshot images but it was quite inconvenient to keep clicking through images to find the one I wanted. A better solution would be to have all of the images in a single… Read More »

Backup Home Assistant with rsync

I run Home Assistant operating system on a Raspberry Pi for my home automation. The built-in backup integration creates backup files in the backups folder in the root of the default folder. This is fine, but what happens if you experience an hardware failure and need to restore your Home Assistant configuration from a backup file? There are… Read More »

Blue Monday – Is this really a thing?

The notion of “Blue Monday,” denoting the purportedly most depressing day of the year, has captivated the public imagination since its emergence in 2005. Attributed to a formula developed by psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall3 and disseminated through a press release by the British travel company Sky Travel, the concept has intrigued skeptics and proponents alike. The formula integrates… Read More »