Age well and prosper

To me, aging well is all about doing all that I can, within reason, to be the best version of ’me‘ possible. Physically and mentally. I have been doing that since my teenaged years and I expect that I will be doing it for the rest of my life. I measure ‘aging well’ by comparing myself against others… Read More »

Using diagrams as an aid for research papers

Writing research papers is a part of university life. I have at least one paper due every semester. Typically, I would develop my thesis statement first, then search online at the university library or Google Scholar and finally develop support for my arguments. There will usually be various drafts and rewrites. However, this semester I was introduced to… Read More »

Setting up Bell Home Hub 3000 Ubiquiti EdgeRouter and UniFi.

Updated 10/11/2020. I switched to Bell Fibe services after many years with Rogers. In my experience, the Rogers Ignite service worked well but the performance of the TV service with NextBox 3.0 was just awful. The many problems with this service are well documented and I won’t get into it here. However, being a techie at heart, I… Read More »

Integration or Segregation: An analysis of the effectiveness of Canada’s official policy of multiculturalism

In principle, federal support for distinct ethnic groups to retain their cultural identities while benefitting from full societal participation is generally supported. The official policy of multiculturalism promotes the full and equitable participation of individuals and communities of all origins, assists in the elimination of any barrier to that participation and ensures that all individuals receive equal treatment… Read More »

Fibonacci solution in JavaScript

In mathematical terms, the Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers in which each number is the sum of the two previous numbers. The sequence Fn is defined by: Fn = Fn-1 + Fn-2, with seed values F1 = 1, F2 = 1  or  F0 = 0, F1 = 1. So, for example, assuming seed values of 0 and 1, the sequence… Read More »